Swedish Jobs


We do our best work by working together.

The people of Swedish are motivated by shared values and professional standards to do our best, not just for our patients, but for each other as well.

Together, we create a culture that values quality on behalf of the patient and empowers staff to take action. You only need to look as far as the patient-safety huddles that take place daily at our campuses to alert team members to potential safety issues, and how they make immediate course corrections. It quickly becomes evident that Swedish is truly a unique organization.

Teamwork is the way we work at Swedish. We are committed to working together to achieve our mission of high quality and compassionate care.

The Swedish Five Bests

Best Place to work and Practice
We care for each other, support caregiver needs and aspirations for professional growth, and voice our ideas as we work together to fulfill the Swedish mission and vision.

Best Customer Experience
We meet the expressed and unexpressed needs of others by building positive relationships, communicating clearly, addressing concerns and treating them with dignity and respect.

Best Quality and Safety
We deliver the safest and highest-quality care by focusing on improvement measures that are meaningful to patients, emphasize continuous learning, and eliminate preventable harm.

Best Health Outcomes
We improve the health and well-being of our patients, communities and the populations we serve by continually innovating the way we deliver care, and by partnering with others who share our commitment.

Best Use of Resources
We use our resources wisely as a non-profit in support of our mission and promise to the community by investing wisely in our people, services, programs, technology and facilities.