Swedish Jobs


An excellent setting for exceptional work.

At Swedish, we're not only committed to being the best place to receive care, but also to being the best place to work. Hear what some of our employees say about working at Swedish.

  • Ernest and Yvette
    Ernest worked at Swedish for 22 years and enjoyed every minute. His daughter, Yvette, is a Food Service Supervisor at Swedish/First Hill.
  • June
    June began her nursing career as an Oncology Nurse. Today, she is proud to serve as Nurse Executive at First Hill.
  • Lisa
    Before Lisa joined Swedish in an HR role, she was a Swedish volunteer. In fact, Swedish has always felt like home to her.
  • Tom
    In his career with Swedish, Tom went from a Patient Services Rep role to Sr. Clinic Operations to interim Clinic Administrator.
  • Mary and Jens
    Mary's been part of the Swedish family for 36 years, and Jens has been working as a Pharmacist at Swedish/First Hill Campus