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Training & Professional Development

Continue your journey of learning at Swedish.

No matter where you are in your career, Swedish is committed to being the best place to train and continue your learning journey. We empower you at every level and support your professional development through a variety of orientation and training programs.

Individualized orientation

Your career with Swedish begins with an orientation tailored to your position, giving you the tools and information you need to do great work, right away.

Continuing education

Our educational incentives include continuing education allowances, tuition reimbursement and ongoing in-service training. Some employees start their clinical careers at Swedish while they are students, working in units that allow them to gain exposure to and familiarity with the various health care settings and patient populations. Advanced training opportunities in nursing include consortium training for the operating room, intensive care, telemetry and women's health, among others. Our managers are also involved with a variety of training programs and schools, offering input on curricula, hosting internships and shadowing opportunities, and helping industry newcomers navigate their way.

NW Multi-Employer Training Fund

Swedish is the largest contributor to the SEIU Healthcare 1199 NW Multi-Employer Training & Educational Fund. The fund provides a variety of educational services, including career counseling, skills training and a tuition assistance program. In the face of looming shortages in the number of health-care providers, the fund helps ensures that patients in our community have access to more nurses, technical, and professional health-care workers.

Employee Advancement Center

The Swedish Medical Center Employee Advancement Center is available to help employees identify career ladders and pursue transfer and development opportunities. The staff of this Human Resources function provides an array of resources and services, including career counseling and planning, interview coaching, resume and cover letter development, and information on training programs.